Dr. Sarah Rickard - Veterinarian


She's not from around here, you might say, and you would be right. Dr. Rickard has lived in many places before choosing Denver for her next adventure. She started out in Buffalo, New York, and then her family moved to the northern suburbs of Chicago. For college, she jumped all the way to the west coast to attend the University of California at Davis. She continued on at the Veterinary School at Davis. Her first job took her to Los Angeles. Needing a change of pace and place, she and her family decided to leave sunny SoCal for the Mile-High City.

Her love of animals started when she was young. When you nap on a black lab as a baby and rescue wild bunnies from the neighbor's cat at four years old, there is a pretty good chance you are destined to be a veterinarian. She loves dogs, cats, and horses. Growing up, her family always had dogs. Now she has three cats, Critter, Pippen, and Autumn Whiskers. She has interests in internal medicine, dermatology, and dentistry. The most rewarding part of the veterinary profession for her is getting to know and help clients and their beloved four-legged family members.

When not at work, she might be found flying down a path on her road bike or carving turns with her family on a ski slope, or blowing bubbles under the sea in an exotic locale. If you start a food conversation with her, you will likely leave hungry. Beware of hiking with her, she notoriously understates distances.

Dr. Rickard is very happy to be a part of the Happy Tails team and hopes you will come to meet her real soon.

Please Note: Same-day appointments available for urgent care needs.